Thursday, April 2, 2015

An update on my Pecha Kucha

         I have not quite finished my chart yet but I do know that I will be mainly focusing on Collier's piece, called "Teaching Multilingual Children", in my Pecha Kucha. Here is what I have gotten so far for the chart, and the only reason why I have not gotten it completely done is because I am still figuring out what other articles I can connect to Collier's piece.
         Delpit is one that I want to connect to it, because a lot of what she said is opposite from Collier's point of view, and I would like to show how what she thinks also connects to my Service Learning Project while some of what she said is the opposite of some things I have seen. I know that no one knows what my experiences have been in my Service learning project, but in your own opinions which other articles make interesting connections to Collier's "Teaching Multilingual Children"?
         Right now I am leaning towards Rodriguez's "Aria", but I do not know if it is okay that I would like to talk about how my Service Learning experience is quite different from what I learned from Rodriguez's piece. I would like to talk about how my classroom shows teachers improving on teaching children a second language.
                 Besides that speed bump, I will be doing my presentation alone and I am feeling quite nervous about it. I am hoping by our next class time I will finally have all of my questions figured out and be on the right path to work on my Pecha Kucha. Either way I have my index cards ready to go I will just need to really get started this weekend and next week.      

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